Mindful Box of Calm (tweens & teens) – SOLD OUT


Mindful Box of Calm a sensory safe space where your child can find sanctuary and regain control of their emotions, thoughts and actions. Our boxes teach self-regulation and can also promote better habits. Tweens and Teens are having to deal with so much in the world, our boxes give them space to find their calm.

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Mindful Box of calm is a box full of goodies and tools that your child can use when they’re feeling emotions they don’t understand – usually frustration / anger / anxiety / sadness – to help calm them down. The goal is to teach them to self-regulate when they’re feeling these big emotions they don’t yet know how to handle.  Today’s world has so much going on and it can be difficult and uncomfortable for your child to understand and process how they feel from time to time.  This is why we have created this box, it allows children to have a little bit of control and understanding of their emotions and it teaches them some calm down strategies too!

Each item has been specifically selected by a mindfulness coach just for the box.

It’s jam-packed with helpful gifts, stress-reducing items, and relaxation-inducing goodies

Teach your child the single most valuable life skill- emotional regulation.

*Provides the parent with tools so that they can provide concrete support to their child when emotions run high
allows for a more harmonious family life
*Empowers the child to name the emotions experienced
*Helps prevent stress and anxiety
*Contributes greatly to the development of a child’s self-esteem.
*Promotes parent-child bonding

What’s included:

Singing bowl – deep tones and vibrational instrument to relax the body and mind

Mind putty – visual tangible stress relieving  tool for calming emotions

Calming Crystal set

  • Amethyst assists in calming the mind, reducing stress and allows restful sleep
  • Green Aventurine brings joy, happiness and emotional tranquillity and promotes compassion and empathy, calming our anger.
  • Black Tourmaline s best for protecting them from negative energies and self-doubt, helping your child to feel confident and courageous.

Aromatherapy Ball  help you take back control of stressful moments with is calming scents and relaxing aromatherapy. The small size means they fit into pockets and bags to carry with you wherever you go.

Doodle colour book is a great way  to help relax and focus the mind

10 colouring pencils for mindful colouring the mandala on the front of the box

Mindful activity document teaching your child how to pause – breath – connect – calm down

Breathing exercise document with mindful breathing exercises

Information sheet on how to use each product in more detail.

Crystal sheet to understand and learn more about your crystals

Letter to parent