Mini Mindful Box of Calm (with bath bombs)


Mini Mindful Box of Calm is a  holistic sensory box to calm emotions and promote self care where you can find sanctuary and regain control of emotions, thoughts and actions. Our boxes teach self-regulation and can also promote better habits.

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Our Mini Mindful Box of calm is our newest box full of our favourite and most popular goodies and tools born from our Mindful Box of Calm.  The products in the box can be used when you or your child are feeling emotions difficult or uncomfortable emotions, such as frustration / anger / anxiety / sadness.  Using our senses mindfully relaxes our nervous system and helps calms us down. 

These particular items also support self care for everyone as well as wellbeing for the body and mind.

Each item has been specifically selected by a mindfulness coach just for the box.

Each box comes with 3 relaxation-inducing goodies

Please note, the box can also be used for children under 6 years if supervised by an adult.

What’s included:

Tibetan Singing bowl –  handmade from Nepal, singing bowls also know as healing bowls provide deep tones and vibrations to relax the body and mind (great for mindful listening, meditation, yoga and self care)

Calming Crystal set

  • Amethyst assists in calming the mind, reducing stress and allows restful sleep
  • Rose Quartz creates harmony in relationships and help kids to express their emotions.
  • Carnelian allows kids to enhance their concentration and self-belief.

Within you the box you will also receive a crystal sheet to understand and learn more about your crystals.

Bath bombs – calming scents and relaxing aromatherapy to soothe the body and mind.





Additional information

Dimensions 33 × 25 × 15 cm